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Welcome to the first year of College Football Bracketometry! Bracketometry has been successfully bringing you accurate College Basketball projections since 2017, so we figured why not branch out to College Football as well?  Given that the committee doesn't release their rankings until deep into the season, Bracketometry will now be your go to stop to see who we project as the most likely (not necessarily best) teams to make the CFP until then! 

CFB Playoff Projected Field


The Top 4

Screen Shot 2022-07-15 at 1.00.44 PM.png






Alabama: Projected #1 Seed

- After losing Heisman winner Bryce Young to injury last weekend The Crimson Tide looked for a brief moment in time to be vulnerable, watching a 28-0 lead be cut to a one possession game. That didn't last long though as it didn't take long for fill in Jalen Milroe to settle in and help lead the Tide to an impressive road blowout at Arkansas. Given the Tide's dominance no matter who's playing, they look to be the SEC favorite in line for the top seed. 

Georgia: Projected #3 Seed

-Whew. That has to be the main sentiment around the entire Bulldogs program after nearly losing at Missouri of all teams last weekend. The good news for Georgia is that until the final two drives of the game they couldn't have played much worse, and yet they still managed to escape with what really matters, the win. Given their remaining schedule, how they beat Mizzou won't ultimately matter, but they do look to be behind Bama and Ohio St. until they get back to their dominant brand of football we saw vs. Oregon. 


Ohio State: Projected #2 Seed

-Ohio State is going to be favored in every football game they play for the rest of the season. Even if they stumble once down the line, as long as that loss doesn't keep them out of the Big 10 Championship they'll be surely in at 12-1. Just one loss could keep them out of the title game though, as Michigan and Penn State are both also in the Buckeye's division, which keeps them below Alabama for now. 

Clemson: Projected #4 Seed

-The Tigers followed up an emotional win at Wake Forest with an impressive beat down of top 10 NC State, showing no signs of hangover. Clemson looks to clearly be the class of the ACC, and should be favored for the rest of the season. While they clearly aren't on the level of the top 3 teams, their path to the CFP on the other hand is just as clear. Even if the Tigers lose a trap game, 12-1 ACC champs may still be enough. 

The First Four Out




-USC stays right in the mix for a playoff berth after shaking off Arizona State despite a rocky start. The Trojans look to be in a very similar spot as Clemson, but what keeps them just out is the looming threat of Utah in the conference, who despite their one loss looks more than capable of derailing USC's return to prominence. 





-Michigan seems to be figuring things out as of late, and with the emergence of Penn State as a potential quality win down the road, it's suddenly not impossible to think that the Wolverines could even lose at Ohio State and still make the CFP at 11-1. While that's unlikely given their non-conference slate, the fact that it's even a possibility, coupled the fact that Michigan could even beat Ohio State as well, has them now up to the 6th most likely team to make the CFP. 


Oklahoma State

-The Cowboys have been flying under the radar as a CFP contender all season, but after a dominant road performance at Baylor it's time to start taking the Pokes for real. There's a legitimate chance that Oklahoma State could be undefeated Big 12 champions, making it almost impossible to keep them out and throwing quite the monkey wrench into the playoff picture. 





-The Vols are in a nice spot. If they can pull the upset over Alabama at home next week, then even if they lose at Georgia that still potentially puts them at 11-1 without having to play and potentially lose again in the SEC Championship, and with the head to head over Alabama themselves. Beating Bama is obviously going to be quite the tough task (and they can't even overlook LSU this weekend) but that may be all it takes to put the Vols in the drivers seat for a spot in the CFP. 



Also in Consideration 

The Next 8 Out










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