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Changes from yesterdays Bracketometry
North Carolina: Up from 2 seed to 1 seed
-North Carolina befitted from Kentucky's loss to Tennessee yesterday, with the loss Kentucky fell from the 1 line and made room for UNC to move up. 
Villanova: Up from 6 seed to 5 seed
-Villanova captured yet another Big East title yesterday, and are now both the  regular and post season champions of the Big East. The conference may not be quite what it once was, but this is still an impressive accomplishment and enough to move Nova up a seed line.
Iowa St.: Up from 6 seed to 5 seed
-After a shaky finish to conference play, Iowa St. found their form again winning their 4th Big 12 title in 7 years. The win over Kansas in the final moves them up yet another seed line to a 5. 
Cincinnati: Up from 7 seed to 6 seed
-An impressive win over Houston in the AAC final moves Cincy up to the 6 line.  
Utah St.: Up from 10 seed to 8 seed
-Utah State topped SDSU for the MWC title in what was a fairly dominating performance until a late SDSU run. The win was a great punctuation to a surprising season and should have the Aggies moving up multiple seed lines.
Baylor: Up from 10 seed to 9 seed
-Baylor was idle yesterday, but moved up thanks to Washingtons loss which moved them below Baylor.   
Liberty: Up from 12 seed to 13 seed
-Thanks to Davidson's loss in the A10 tournament, the A-10's automatic qualifier is now in line for a 14 seed instead of a 12. That opened up one more spot on the 12 line and Liberty was first in line to move up.
Old Dominion: Up from 12 seed to 13 seed
-Thanks to Davidson's loss in the A10 tournament, the A-10's automatic qualifier is now projected lower than Old Dominion instead of higher, which paved the way for ODU to move up a seed.
Kentucky: Down from 1 seed to 2 seed
-Kentucky blew an 8 point lead late to Tennessee, and blew their chances of earning a 1 seed with it. They should however feel fine holding on to a 2 come the Selection Show. 
Mississippi St.: Down from 5 seed to 6 seed
-Mississippi St. didn't play yesterday after being knocked out of the SEC tournament, and their not playing let them get passed by Villanova for a 5 seed when they won the Big East title. 
Marquette: Down from 5 seed to 6 seed
-Marquette also fell while idle yesterday, as Iowa St. took the Big 12 title and thus took Marquette's spot on the 5 line with it. 
Maryland: Down from 6 seed to 7 seed
-Losing early in the Big 10 tournament left Maryland vulnerable to get passed, and with Cincinnati winning the AAC final they passed Maryland for the last 6 seed.  
Washington: Down from 9 seed to 10 seed
-Not only did Washington lose yesterday, they got blown out by an Oregon team that wouldn't have even been in the field had they lost. The loss drops them 2 seed lines. 
VCU: Down from 9 seed to 10 seed
-VCU was idle yesterday, however they still fell a seed line as Utah St. captured the MWC title and jumped them for the last 9 seed.
Entering and Leaving the Field:
Oregon: New at 11 seed
NC St.: Out
-Oregon's win in the Pac-12 Championship was a tough loss for Washington, but even more so for NC State. Oregon wasn't going to make the field had they lost, so their win shrunk the bubble by one spot. As NC State was the last team in the field going into the day, they were the ones pushed out of the field. 
Saint Louis: New at 14 seed
Davidson: Out
-Davidson lost in the A-10 semis to Saint Louis, who went on to win the A-10 final and take their bracket spot. 
Yale: New at 14 seed
Harvard: Out
-Yale took down Harvard in the Ivy League Final and takes their spot in the bracket. 
NC Central: New at 16 seed
Norfolk St.: Out
-NC Central beat Norfolk St. in the MEAC final, and thus took their spot in the field as a 16 seed.
*Bracketometry Notes:
Other teams who won and lost since the last update but who's seed did not change did likely move up or down the S-Curve accordingly, however the     win/loss was not major enough (or other teams that were near them on the S-   Curve had equally impactful wins/losses as well) to actually change their seed.
Example: A projected 2 seed who was 5th on the S- Curve could have lost and fallen from 5th to 8th on the S-Curve, however 8th on the S-Curve is still a 2 seed.