February 23rd Projections 

             (Updated from N/A)

Please Note:

There are projections of what I believe the selection committee would select as the field if the season ended today, NOT what I think the bracket should be. 

 - Dominic Lese, aka Bracket Dom

- Official Bracketologist

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Teams in RED are projected Auto-Bids.


Teams in BLACK are projected At-Large Bids. (Teams currently in 1st place.)

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Seed up from last update

Seed up from last update

Seed down from last update

Team is new to the bracket

Teams by conference
Changes from last Bracketometry
Florida State: Up from 4 seed to 3 seed
-FSU took care of business on the road against Pittsburgh, and move up thanks to a loss by Virginia. 
Kansas: Up from 5 seed to 4 seed
-Kansas earned the season sweep of Texas Tech for their 5th win in a row, and with yet another quality win added to the resume, KU moves into top 4 seed territory. 
Creighton: Up from 5 seed to 4 seed
-Creighton didn't play since the last update, but move up thanks to a loss by Tennessee.  
Oklahoma State: Up from 8 seed to 7 seed
-Oklahoma State moves up after a thrilling come from behind victory over Texas Tech, their second win over the Red Raiders this season. 
BYU: Up from 9 seed to 8 seed
-BYU won at LMU in dominant fashion, and take Louisville's spot on the 8 line after their loss. 
Loyola Chicago: Up from 10 seed to 9 seed
-Loyola has not played since the last update, but move up because of a loss by VCU. 
North Carolina: Up from 11 seed to 10 seed
-UNC moves up after beating Louisville by a whopping 45 points! 
Boise State: Up from 11 seed to 10 seed
-Boise State completed the sweep of Utah State, knocking the Aggies further off the bubble and moving Boise further off of it. 
Saint Bonaventure: Up from 12 seed to 11 seed
-Saint Bonaventure beat Davidson and moved back into first place in the A-10.
Eastern Washington: Up from 16 seed to 15 seed
-EWU moves up after a sweep of Montana, and thanks to UTRGV taking over 1st place in the WAC.  
Virginia: Down from 3 seed to 4 seed
-UVA drops a seed after falling to Duke on the road, keeping Duke in the at-large conversation. 
Tennessee: Down from 4 seed to 5 seed
-Tennessee drops another seed line after an embarrassing home blowout at the hands of Kentucky. 
Texas Tech: Down from 5 seed to 6 seed
-Texas Tech drops down to a 6 seed after back to back road losses to KU and Oklahoma State. While neither are bad losses, two losses in a row will usually affect a team's position. 
Rutgers: Down from 7 seed to 8 seed
-Rutgers fell at home to Maryland, and fall a seed line as a result. 
Louisville: Down from 8 seed to 9 seed
-Louisville lost at UNC, and while that's not a terrible loss on the surface, the fact that they lost by 45 makes it bad enough to drop down a seed. 
VCU: Down from 9 seed to 11 seed
-VCU ​had arguably the worst loss of the weekend for a bubble team, falling at home to George Mason. A loss that bad drops VCU two seed lines.   
Seton Hall: Down from 10 seed to 11 seed
-Seton Hall suffered a bad loss at Georgetown, dropping them a seed and back into the bubble picture.  
Indiana: Down from 10 seed to 11 seed
-Indiana lost at home to struggling Michigan State, most seasons that wouldn't be a loss that drops you a seed line, but with MSU's awful play this year the loss is equally awful for Indiana. 
Connecticut: Down from 11 seed to 12 seed
-UConn missed a chance for a a huge victory at Villanova, and while the loss itself is far from a bad loss, the bubble is so tight this season that nearly any loss will affect a teams seed. 
Entering and Leaving the Field:
Maryland: New at 12 seed
Minnesota: Out
-Maryland takes Minnesota's spot in the field as the 9th team from the Big Ten, following their road victory at Rutgers, and Minnesota's blowout home loss to Illinois. 
UTRGV: New at 16 seed
Grand Canyon: Out
-UTRGV takes GCU's spot in the field as they move into 1st place in the WAC. 
*Bracketometry Notes:
Other teams who won and lost since the last update but who's seed did not change did likely move up or down the S-Curve accordingly, however the     win/loss was not major enough (or other teams that were near them on the S-   Curve had equally impactful wins/losses as well) to actually change their seed.
Example: A projected 2 seed who was 5th on the S- Curve could have lost and fallen from 5th to 8th on the S-Curve, however 8th on the S-Curve is still a 2 seed.