Pre-Selection Show Projections 

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There are projections of what I believe the selection committee would select as the field if the season ended today, NOT what I think the bracket should be. 

Scroll down to see reasoning as to why teams moved spots, and in/out of the field, since the last projection. 

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Teams in RED are projected Auto-Bids.


Teams in BLACK are projected At-Large Bids. (Teams currently in 1st place.)

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Seed up from last update

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Teams by conference
Changes from yesterday's Bracketometry
Houston: Up from 3 seed to 2 seed
-Houston held off Memphis to the delight of a handful of bubble teams, and followed up the win with a thrashing of Cincinnati in the AAC Championship. With the wins, the Coogs leap Oklahoma State for a 2 seed, after the Cowboys fell to Texas in the Big 12 Championship.
USC: Up from 6 seed to 5 seed
-A day after getting leaped by Colorado, USC takes Colorado's spot back on the 5 line after the Buffaloes fell to Oregon State in the Pac-12 Championship. 
LSU: Up from 8 seed to 7 seed
-LSU took down Arkansas to reach the SEC Championship, and with the quality win over the Razorbacks, LSU moves up to a 7 seed, despite losing the championship game to Bama. 
Oregon: Up from 8 seed to 7 seed
-Oregon had been punished for a "bad loss" to Oregon State by being put on the 8 line. With Oregon State winning the Pac-12 Championship, the loss (now Q2) now looks nowhere near as bad, and as a result Oregon is back on the 7 line. 
Georgia Tech: Up from 10 seed to 9 seed
-Georgia Tech knocked off Florida State to earn the ACC AQ. While the Yellow Jackets had an easy path to the championship game, the quality win in the game itself moves them up to a 9. 
Syracuse: Up from 12 seed to 11 seed
-Syracuse moves up into safer bubble territory despite not playing thanks to Wichita State's bad loss to Cincinnati. The Orange are at an 11 now, but are still projected to be in a "First Four" game. 
UNC Greensboro: Up from 14 seed to 13 seed
-UNC Greensboro moves up after Buffalo lost in the MAC Championship, allowing UNCG to take their spot on the 13 line. 
Oklahoma State: Down from 2 seed to 3 seed
-Oklahoma State fell to Texas in the Big 12 Championship yesterday, and fall back to the 3 line below Houston again. 
Colorado: Down from 5 seed to 6 seed
-A day after beating USC and leaping them for a 5 seed, Colorado falls back to a 6 after losing the Pac-12 Championship to bid-thief Oregon State. 
Clemson: Down from 7 seed to 8 seed
-Clemson, who hasn't played since bowing out to Miami in the ACC Tournament, gets leaped for a 7 seed by LSU who knocked off Arkansas. The Tigers now face the dreaded 8/9 game.
Oklahoma: Down from 7 seed to 8 seed
-Oklahoma gets edged by Oregon and falls to an 8 after Oregon State won the Pac-12 Championship (which made Oregon's loss to the Beavers quantifiably less bad).  
Virginia Tech: Down from 9 seed to 10 seed
-Virginia Tech gets pushed off the 9 line by fellow ACC member Georgia Tech. Following their win in the ACC Championship, the Yellow Jackets resume surpassed theirs, especially considering the Hokies lost the head to head at home in a blowout. 
Cleveland State: Down from 14 seed to 15 seed
-Cleveland State falls to a 15 seed after Abilene Christian won the Southland Conference Tournament, and took the Vikings spot on the 14 line.
Entering and Leaving the Field:
Georgetown: New at 12 seed
Colorado State: Out
-Georgetown became the season's first bid thief yesterday with their dominating win over Creighton in the Big East Championship. Colorado State gets edged out of the field as the bubble shrinks by one spot. 
Oregon State: New at 12 seed
Wichita State: Out
-Oregon State followed Georgetown's lead and stole another bid yesterday by winning the Pac-12 Championship over Colorado. Wichita State is the team who's bid gets stolen after the Shockers lost to Cincinnati in the AAC semifinals. 
North Texas: New at 13 seed
Western Kentucky: Out
-North Texas (after blowing a massive early lead) rallied to beat Western Kentucky yesterday in OT in the CUSA Championship. UNT enters the field as the AQ and pushes WKU to the fringes of the bubble picture. 
Ohio: New at 14 seed
Buffalo: Out
-Ohio upset Buffalo in the MAC Championship and take Bulls spot in the field as the MAC AQ. 
Abilene Christian: New at 14 seed
Nicholls: Out
-Abilene Christian knocked off top seed Nicholls in the Southland Conference Tournament earning the league's AQ, the Wildcats enter the field at a 14 seed. 
Iona: New at 16 seed
Fairfield: Out 
-Iona beat Fairfield in the MAAC Championship and take their spot in the field as the conference's AQ. 
Texas Southern: New at 16 seed
Prairie View A&M: Out
-Texas Southern rolled by Prairie View in the SWAC Championship and lock up the SWAC's AQ over the Panthers. 
*Bracketometry Notes:
Other teams who won and lost since the last update but who's seed did not change did likely move up or down the S-Curve accordingly, however the     win/loss was not major enough (or other teams that were near them on the S-   Curve had equally impactful wins/losses as well) to actually change their seed.
Example: A projected 2 seed who was 5th on the S- Curve could have lost and fallen from 5th to 8th on the S-Curve, however 8th on the S-Curve is still a 2 seed.